In 1923, Alarakhia Aloo inherited 188 acres of fertile wild land in Mtomondoni, Mtwapa in Kenya from his father, which later became known as Aloo Farms. The dense tropical coastal land was filled with wild deer, warthogs, snakes and buffalos. Aloo Farms is located just off the Indian Ocean and few miles away from Mombasa.

Alarakhia Aloo began to develop the land in the early 1950’s and quickly transformed the land to be sustainable farming land that contributed back to community of villages that lived there.

He was the first to pave the major roads in the town of Mtwapa and bring electricity into the villages providing light and electricity to thousands.

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Alarakhia and his wife Fatima lived in the center of the farm and worked hard to be pillars of the community.

They supported the community as they helped build schools, health clinics, orphanages, mosques and churches not only on the farm but in surrounding areas as well. They focused on doing good in their community and occupied themselves not only with doing conservation work on the land and mangroves but also on easier access for health & wellness for the community. Their home was an oasis for the surrounding villages.

In the early days of the farm, when medicine was scarce, people would come to the Aloo farm-home for medical care and supplies with Fatima Kever being a trained nurse & first responder.

During emergencies, Fatima & Alarakhia would transport villagers to the nearest hospitals and ensure their proper care.

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Alarakhia & Fatima Aloo Kever set a precedent in the family & community to care for the farm and everyone who shares it. They did this by prioritizing education, health and wellness on the farm. They built & funded a local public school on the farm that serves 1200 students.

They have fought developers off the land to keep the farm for the people who have always lived there.

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