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January 11, 2023

Aloo Foundation

Aloo Foundation

Our goal is to provide easier access to safe and reliable drinking water to the community of Mtomondoni Village

Our goal is to provide access to safe and reliable drinking water to the rural villagers of Mombasa and Aloo Farms who suffer needlessly from a lack of local access to clean water. Access to clean, safe and reliable water is one of the most crippling hardships faced by many villagers in these communities. Children and women often walk several kilometers every day to fill up their jerrycans of water, often times, repeating this trip multiple times per day.

With the help of generous donors, we are currently building ALOO H2O, a community water project sponsored by Aloo Foundation and H2O4All.

In 2022, we were lucky to partner with the non-profit H2O4all to implement our goal of building a new water source for the community at Mtomondoni Village, a dense village surrounding Aloo Farms, located a few miles from the Indian Ocean just outside Mombasa, Kenya.

In 1956, Alarakhia Aloo built the first well at Aloo Farms. Now, decades later, this well is supplying water for the ALOO H2O water project. This project will include a 1,300- gallon storage tank, a solar-powered disinfection system and easy access for safe drinking water to the Mtomondoni community. In hopes to decrease the risk of waterborne diseases in the community, we are also partnering with Kenyan non-profit KWAHO to hold a seminar to educate community members on hygiene practices and sustainable water management.

ALOO H2O is set to open April 2023

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